Hey, Friend,
Thank you for coming by. What brought you here?
On this site, I have a little bit of information about my professional persona. It’s mainly on the About-page and under About in the header menu. This is how this site started a few years ago; I simply wanted to have a personal presence on the Internet, which is somewhat independent of a work and professional website.
And then there is the Texterium, which I have started in 2020. I have always been writing, usually work-related. In the Texterium, the texts are personal. Some might be enjoyable for others. Some might be insightful or interesting. I have grouped them losely into categories to organize myself and, hopefully, orient the reader.
Just words: I play with them. Sometimes just for fun. Often quite seriously and deliberately. Always to learn something new.
Just texts: poetry or prose.Fictional and non-fictional. Often experimenting with form.
Adjacent Stories are a budding fiction book project. I have been posting the occasional draft. Over time, I will add character, scene, and location sketches. I am hoping to be able to write this book in front of your eyes. It keeps changing and shifting because I am learning a lot in the process about writing fiction. One thing remains the same. There is one and the same character in each story somewhere, and he never gets to speak.
Enjoy. I hope. And let me know what you think about any or all of this.
I do occasionally work on another blog. We called it Panta Rhei Enterprise. Currently, the blog of Panta Rhei Enterprise is quieter. As they often say in German: Each day only has 24 hours. However, the site is being maintained, and I do hope to be able to dedicate more time and energy to it again in the future.

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