A couple of things are happening on this website. Maybe one of them was your reason for visiting this page …

I am giving a little bit of information about my professional persona. It’s mainly on the About-page, well, under About in the header menu. This is how this site started a few years ago; I simply wanted to have a presence on the Internet, which is somewhat independent of a work and professional website.

And then there is the Texterium, which I have started in 2020. I have always done a lot of writing. Some of it might be enjoyable for others. Some of it might be insightful or interesting. Since this is my personal website, I will put the more personal texts here. The more professional, work-related blog posts appear on the site and in the blog of Panta Rhei Enterprise. On that site, I had started a series of blog posts under the title Just words; these I am continuing here. Also in the Texterium, I will post the occasional poem — under Just texts — and a … budding … book of stories, which I call Adjacent Stories.

Enjoy. I hope. And let me know what you think about any or all of this.

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