On a RoLL: Intro

Isn’t this how many blogs start? With the best of intentions, one writes an introduction …

The blog functionality simply came with the service I selected when looking for a convenient place where I could put my professional website.

First I did not know what I should do with a blog. After all, this is my very first entry. Then I saw a connection to my daily work at the Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University. We have instituted a regular series of research seminars on the general topic of Research on Language and Learning (RoLL). This is where RoLL comes in. Over the years, I have written and published a number of books, chapters, articles, reports, papers, and reviews. And I like and enjoy this kind of work. Yet, I am also aware of its constraints and limitations. To get something published, authors—quite rightly—have to follow a set of stringent rules that stem from the discourse community, author guidelines from academic journals and book editors, and career expectations at universities. So, I am hoping to be able to write a couple of occasional thought pieces, which won’t have to adhere to the same expectations and conventions, although they will be situated in the same discourses of Language Education, Applied Linguistics, and Computer-Assisted Language Learning.

Just watch me. (I lived in Canada for 16 years. 😉 and kind’o liked this Trudeauesque attitude) or in the parlor of blogs and other social media: Follow me.